Criminal Law Early Resolution Program

Atira is leading a new criminal law initiative, the Early Resolution Program! This is a supplementary legal service for criminal defense lawyers and their clients who may be eligible for an early resolution such as alternative measures. We help clients through their proposal process with trauma informed advocacy, support letters, and counselling as well as connecting with housing outreach and other necessary programs to support their well-being.

For Lawyers:
The Early Resolution Program gives assistance to criminal defense lawyers, especially solo practitioners. We have the capacity to frequently meet with your clients in order to draft a meaningful proposal to Crown. The referring lawyer will maintain the file and appearances in court. Our program helps to alleviate some of the constraints lawyers experience with smaller files, such as the time and detail required for alternative measures, and allow you to allocate your time on more substantive files or work/life balance.

For Clients: The Early Resolution Program supports women who may qualify for an early resolution, especially alternative measures where you will be diverted from the traditional court process and instead, participate in the alternative measures program. After the successful completion of the program, you will have no criminal record.

We work alongside women to capture your stories, gifts, and lived experience and demonstrate to Crown the reasons you should not have to go through the traditional court process. We provide an accommodating environment while you work through your early resolution proposal/alternative measures program.

There are two ways to access the Early Resolution Program:

  1. Lawyers can access the program online by completing the intake form; and
  2. Clients can self-refer by filling out the online client intake form


We’re here to support you.

Our Early Resolution Community Legal Advocate can provide support and referrals to accessing cultural, behavioral and counselling programs, rehabilitation treatments, housing outreach, and other community resources that may support your process. She can also provide court support and meet with you one-on-one to answer questions.

How to apply:

  1. If you have a Legal Aid Lawyer, they can refer you to our program.
    Our criminal lawyer and legal advocate will work with you and your lawyer.
  2. You can self-refer to our program. Our legal advocate can then assist you with your legal aid application & help with navigating court process.


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