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We like to stay connected to the community so if you have a question, comment or a proposal, please reach out to our team.
Media Inquiries

Media Inquiries

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Our Directory

Atira is comprised of an eclectic crew of people who do different and wonderful things in our community. Use this directory to get in touch with the person or the department you seek.

Get Involved

Volunteer Coordinator: [email protected]

Practicums: [email protected]

Donors & Sponsors: [email protected]


16 Steps Program: [email protected]

Enterprising Women Making Art: [email protected]

Housing Outreach: [email protected]

Legal Advocacy: [email protected]

Maxxine Wright Healthcare Centre: [email protected]

Seniors Women’s Outreach: [email protected]


Stopping the Violence Counselling: [email protected]

The Family Project: PEACE: [email protected]

Rediscover Parenting Group: [email protected]

Women’s Health & Safety Liaisons for SROs: [email protected]

Willow Early Care and Learning Centre: [email protected]

Painter Sisters: [email protected]


Waaban Housing for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Women: [email protected]

Empress Rooms: [email protected]

Secord Housing for Women: [email protected]

Sísele (SEE-SE-LA) Housing for Women who are Older: [email protected]

Sorella Housing for Women and Children: [email protected]

Sue Bujold Floor: [email protected]

Complaints Resolution Process

For women who have or are receiving service from Atira Women’s Resource Society

Atira understands concerns may arise about how we conduct ourselves with respect to our programs and services. We trust this complaint resolution process allows you the opportunity to be heard and allows our staff the opportunity to best hear your concerns. Our intention is to always act in the best interests of ALL of the women and children we serve. We understand you have the right to raise your concerns and that we have a responsibility to carefully consider your concerns and to respond.

Click here to download our Complaints Resolution Process.