Atira's Outreach Van

Our mobile outreach program supports women who are sleeping on the streets or who have no fixed address in Surrey BC. Operating seven days a week from 6:30pm to 2:30am and providing referrals to housing and shelters, support services, medical care and treatment as well as emotional one-to-one support, and immediate basic necessities including:

  • Snacks, water and Hot drinks
  • Harm Reduction Supplies
  • Referrals to Emergency shelter and resources
  • Donations of gently used clothes, blankets, umbrellas, gloves, toques, scarves etc.
  • Advocacy, along with non-judgmental support
  • A sense of security and safety in the community
  • A safe ride to an emergency shelter or drop in program upon request


The services offered by the Outreach Van are delivered directly to women on the streets of Surrey, and embrace approaches that are women-centered, non-judgmental, and stigma-free. The program staff tailor their approaches to address the unique needs of each woman they encounter.

The Outreach Van also provide peer opportunities for women with lived expertise who have barriers to traditional employment and who are looking to give back to their communities or to gain work experience an opportunity to earn income safely.

Mobile service
Seven days a week between 6:30pm - 2:30am