Koomseh 2nd Stage Housing

Koomseh provides supportive housing to 11 women and their children who have been impacted by abuse suffered in intimate relationships. We offer 11 townhouse units to women and children who could benefit from longer-term supportive housing. We have seven 2 bedroom, three 3 bedroom units and one 4 bedroom unit.

Staff are on site six days each week, for between 8 and 10 hours each day. Staff offer one-to-one emotional support, group support for women, group support for children, childcare for appointments, relevant workshops, referrals to other community resources, information, advocacy, accompaniment, parenting support, activity groups for children and youth, a women’s community kitchen program, food bank pickup program, weekly coffee drop-ins, potlucks and annual cultural celebrations. Note: These programs are available to Koomseh residents only.

Referrals are accepted primarily from first-stage transition houses and the length of stay ranges from three months to 2 years.

For further information about our program we can be reached at (604)501-9294

Length of stay: 
3-18 months
Number of units/beds: 
11 townhouse units
Services offered: 
  • One-to-one emotional support
  • Group support for women
  • Group support for children
  • Childcare for appointments
  • Relevant workshops
  • Referrals to other community resources
  • Information
  • Advocacy
  • Accompaniment
  • Parenting support
  • Activity groups for children and youth
On-site programs/resources: 

(available to Koomseh residents only): 

  • Women’s community kitchen program
  • Food bank pickup program
  • Weekly coffee drop-ins
  • Potlucks and annual cultural celebrations
Referral required: 
From first-stage transition houses