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Share and Learn about Mental Health Resources for Women

The World Health Organization (WHO) has highlighted that prior to the global pandemic, countries were spending under 2% of their national health budgets on mental health. [World Health Organization]

One of the biggest disparities found in research conducted by WHO was that 27% of women had reported increases in challenges related to mental illness in contrast to 10% of men. Due to unpaid labour in the house, there was more stress about food, work, and health care. Women were also almost twice as likely to report that accessing quality healthcare services that they needed had been harder during the pandemic. [Alice Broster, Forbes]

Mental Health Resources for Women:
  • Support Atira Women’s Resource Society and share our Stopping The Violence program, which provides free and confidential counselling to women in the community.
  • Write to your local representative and demand that the government allocate more funding towards mental health resources in your provincial health plan
  • For BC residents, check out Here to Help BC, a project of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Substance Use Information that provides a host of resources that you can trust
  • Access Wellness Together, a portal from the Government of Canada that provides free counselling services, crisis support, and other mental health resources


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