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Philanthropy 101

Philanthropy is a voluntary act of awesome for the common good. In order for this to work, the donors act in full confidence of the organizations they’re asked to support, and thus they have a set of rights that we firmly believe in. Click here to download A Donor Bill of Rights.

What can I donate?

Atira accepts donations of funds, items (new and gently used) and time. If you are interested in donating items that are not found in the store, please contact us at the Vancouver location and we will advise you if we can accept your donation. Please note we don’t do pick up.

Donations in kind

Donations in kind are accepted on a case-by-case basis. For items valued over $1000, an independent appraisal from an appraiser approved by Atira and the donor is required. The donor bears all costs to appraise the item and delivers it free and clear of all financial constraints. Tax receipts can be provided as long as there is proof of the item’s value. For more information, please contact us at the Vancouver office.

Legacy Gifts (Gift by Will)

We are grateful to those who may wish to consider leaving a legacy gift (gift by will) to Atira.  A future gift will allow Atira to continue supporting women and children affected by violence by offering safe and supportive housing and by delivering education and advocacy aimed at ending all forms of gendered violence.  We understand that each and every individual’s situation is unique and recommend that you seek out independent legal and/or financial advice and it is understood that officers and staff of Atira and their related organizations will not be involved in the final preparation or execution or witnessing of a will in which Atira or a related organization is named as a beneficiary.

Sample Bequest Clause – undesignated/unrestricted gift:

“I give and bequeath to Atira Women’s Resource Society, 190 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1B5, Charitable Registration Number 106736101 RR 0001, the amount of $_________________ or % or residual of my estate.” Atira Women’s Resources Society 190 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1B6

Designated Gift/Restricted gift:  

A gift in a will may include a specific designation, in which case, it is recommended that an additional “power to vary” clause be included. While Atira will do its utmost to honour the wishes of the donor, circumstances may be that the program may no longer exist. This clause will provide Atira, in consultation with the executor(s) with the flexibility to execute the bequest in a way that respects and honours the original wishes of the donor.

Sample designated will clause: “I give and bequeath to Atira Women’s Resource Society, 190 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1B5, Charitable Registration Number 106736101 RR 0001, the sum of $__________________ dollars to be directed to support _________________________ ( specific program).”

Power to vary clause: 

“Should the Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer deem the bequest impossible, inadvisable or impractical to execute, the Chief Executive Officer, in consultation with the executor, will direct the gift to support an area of need that will honour the original wishes of the donor.”



Please call Atira at (604) 681-4437 and press 1 for Donations or email us at

Tax Receipts

Atira is registered with the Canada Revenue agency, to view Atira’s registration page please visit Tax credits may vary depending on the province you live in. We encourage you to consult a financial professional in order to determine your specific tax situation.

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