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Events: Strong Women Strong Music Virtual Series – March 8th

In lieu of our annual Strong Women Strong Music concert series that commemorates International Women’s Day, we will be highlighting all the artists who have supported us through the years.

Leora Cashe

Weaving together jazz, blues, and gospel, Leora Cashe has a dynamic stage presence we have been honoured to watch live at our jazz concert series. For full details on how to stay up to date with Leora, check out her social media handles and website listed below!






Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott is a singer and pianist who specializes in jazz, blues, and world music. We have had the honour of having Jennifer perform at our Strong Women Strong Music jazz concert series for a number of years.






Kria Wall

Kria Wall is a vocalist, composer, and educator who has joined in on our jazz concert series over the years! Known for her live performances throughout Vancouver, Kria combines traditional jazz and modern story-telling.




Instagram: @kriathewall

Wendy Solloway

Year after year, Wendy Solloway has joined our Strong Women Strong Music jazz concert series as a swinging bassist that offers people comfort and joy with her music.




Deanna Knight

From her lead soloist performances to cofounding a theatre company, and running a record label, we want to honour Deanna Knight for her continuous support of Atira through our jazz concert series.





Facebook: DeannaKnight