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Events: Strong Women Strong Music Virtual Series – March 6th

In lieu of our annual Strong Women Strong Music concert series that commemorates International Women’s Day, we will be highlighting all the artists who have supported us through the years.

Karin Plato

Karin Plato is an acclaimed Canadian Juno nominated Jazz vocalist & recording artist. She has been performing with us since 2004’s Strong Women Strong Music! We want to honour her work on what would’ve been our 15th annual jazz concert series.




Facebook: Karinplatomusic

Instagram: @karinplatomusic



Joani Taylor

A well known artist within BC’s Music Industry, Joani Taylor grew up on the stages of Vancouver’s greatest nightclubs. A multi-faceted artist who is not only a singer, but also a Jazz vocalist, lyricist, teacher, producer, and mentor.




Facebook: JoaniTaylor

Instagram: @JoaniTaylor



Cecile Larocelle

A big thanks goes out to Cecile Larocelle for supporting our Strong Women Strong Music jazz concert series over the years. Cecile owns and operates LaRochelle Vocal Studios and is a Member of International Teachers of Mix (IVTOM).


Website: CecileLarochelleVocal

Instagram: @cclarochelle


Jessica Heaven

Jessica Heaven is a Canadian performer who crosses musical genres to create meaningful and powerful art! She performed for the first time at our SWSM concert in 2020 and is currently promoting her debut album “Caught in a Memory” while working on her next.



Facebook: JessicaHeavenOfficial

Instagram: @jessica.jeaven.heaven



Karen Graves

We have had the honour of Karen Graves’ music throughout our jazz concert series over the years. Karen is a multi-faceted musician who can take on instrumentals including the saxophone and flute, as well as vocals.