Atira provides all Practicum Students with training, guidance, and equipment necessary to successfully carry out their duties.  The Program Manager will be responsible for drawing up a specific orientation plan for each new student.  After the initial orientation, an assessment is to be made as to whether the student is comfortable in their placement.  If not, further training can be scheduled provided the manager agrees.  A maximum number of training hours is not set but an assessment must be made at the end of each shift.


Some feedback from a recent Practicum Student

“I couldn't have asked for a better placement and a better manager...[My manager] taught me so much and I will forever be grateful. She gave me proper feedback to help me grow and proper training.”  
“I honestly felt like I was a part of Koomseh, I was treated exceptionally well, learnt so much and was included in so much to help me learn. Again I am beyond grateful…”
-Nareeman, recent practicum student at Atira 


Contact Information

If you are interested in practicum opportunities, please email