July 26, 2011

Vancouver/CKNW(AM980) - 6:00AM - Abbott: Sorella already full, commends Coleman - Audio version | Transcript

Vancouver/CKNW(AM980) - New social housing development opens its doors

News1130 - New social housing for women opens in Vancouver

Vancouver Sun - City fleshes out details of strategic housing plan

Vancouver Sun - Feds, province to maintain funds

(excerpt) The federal and provincial governments announced plans Monday to carry through with previous commitments to support affordable housing in B.C. Both levels of government will contribute $90 million each over the next three years to support the housing needs of low-income individuals, families and seniors, backed by continued commitments from B.C. and Canada. The federal government's share of the money comes from funding announced in 2008, when $1.9 billion was set aside for housing and homelessness throughout Canada. Those funds were followed up by a one-time infusion of $2 billion as part of the government's Economic Action Plan to finance new and existing social housing. An additional $2 billion was made available in the form of low-cost loans to municipalities for housing-related infrastructure, according to a government release. The announcement came at the official unveiling of Sorella, a new 108-unit supportive housing development for single women and children in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

CTV News at Five - Coleman lauds community effort at housing launch

(excerpt) Mi-Jung Lee: Homelessness is a humanitarian crisis that confronts us every day, but most experts agree a new strategy for getting people off the streets might finally solve the problem. The key? Supportive housing. The newest example officially opened today in Vancouver. As Binder Sujjan reports, it could be just the beginning.

Debra Lincoln: I love because I can cook my own dinner, cook what I want.
Reporter: That's no longer a luxury for Deborah Lincoln. After living in shelters for years, she now has a home and much-needed safety after fleeing an abusive relationship.
Lincoln: He just about took my life. I felt lost. I didn't know where to go, I didn't know where to move, and Sorella saved may life.
Reporter: Sorella is a new, 108-unit supportive housing complex for women at risk of homelessness, opened officially today. In the next few years, 13 more buildings like this will open in Vancouver. What makes them different? On-site access to service and support.

Global BC Noon News - Sorella House opens, includes funding announcement

(excerpt) Randene Neill: A new supportive housing project opens its doors in Vancouver today. Sorella is a 108-unit housing development for women in the city's downtown east side. The city provided the land, the province put up nearly $15m and will cover annual operating costs, and the federal government contributed $6m. At the opening, the provincial and federal governments announced a funding agreement to help create more affordable housing in this province.

James Moore, MP: Under this agreement the government of Canada will invest more than $90m in British Columbia to improve access to housing that is sound, suitable and sustainable. This funding will be matched by the province and will create affordable housing for seniors, for families, persons with disabilities and victims of family violence.

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