Volunteer Opportunities

Atira has exciting and meaningful opportunities for diverse volunteers including:

  • In-program volunteering
  • Administration (fundraising, accounting, human resources, reception, etc.)
  • Events

We also welcome specific trades volunteers.

In the past women have volunteered their skills to teach women financial management skills, cooking, life skills and arts and crafts. Volunteers have also created opportunities for women to experience professional haircuts and makeup application, yoga classes, etc.

Atira provides all volunteers with training, guidance and the equipment necessary to successfully carry out their duties.  The Coordinator, Volunteer Program is responsible for drawing up a specific orientation plans for each new volunteeras well as job descriptions.  After the initial orientation, an assessment is to be made as to whether the volunteer is comfortable in their position.  If not, further training can be scheduled provided if the Manager, Volunteer Program agrees there is a good fit.  A maximum number of training hours is not set but an assessment must be made at the end of each shift.

Atira’s liability insurance covers all volunteers engaged in Atira business, within boundaries set out in the volunteer’s position, job description and Volunteer Agreement. 

The Manager, Volunteer Programis responsible for providing the following documents and information at the beginning of a volunteer’s involvement with Atira:

  • Volunteer Agreement
  • Job Description
  • Orientation Plan
  • Relevant Program Policies & Procedures
  • Schedule

If you are interested in volunteering with Atira please complete the volunteer application form  and our Manager, Volunteer Program will contact you.

If you have any questions please contact our Coordinator, Volunteer Program.