Oneesan Housing for Women who are Older

Oneesan Housing for Women who are Older offers 12 units of long-term, independent housing to women, age 55 and over, who have experienced violence and abuse. Located at 502 Alexander Street, the three-storey building is Canada’s first shipping container housing development. At Oneesan, we provide six social housing units as well as six units at Housing Income Limits rental rates. All units are self-contained studio suites with their own kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

An intergenerational mentorship program allows for interaction and guidance between the older women at Oneesan and the young women living next door at Imouto Housing for Young Women. The mentors from Oneesan cook communal meals three times a week and contribute to Imouto’s weekly Sunday Brunch. Members of Enterprising Women Making Art (EWMA) also visit bi-weekly to hold craft days after Sunday Brunch.

Oneesan, which means “older sister” in Japanese, was named in honour of its location in herstorical Japantown.

For more information: Please call 604-215-0369

To find out more about the development of the project, go to the development website

Length of stay: 
Number of units/beds: 
Services offered: 
  • Referrals
  • Resource information
  • Advocacy
  • Intergenerational Mentorship Program with Imouto Housing for Young Women
  • Community Kitchen
  • Community Garden
  • Craft days with Enterprising Women Making Art