Maxxine Wright Early Care & Learning Centre (daycare)

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About Us

The Maxxine Wright Early Care and Learning Centre offers high-quality licensed care for infants, toddlers and 3-5 year old children. At Maxxine Wright we believe that:

  • Children learn through play
  • Young children thrive in an early childhood program that is nurturing and offers them opportunities for social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.
  • Young children benefit from a consistent routine and daily schedule with qualified early childhood educators.
  • Young children are curious, capable and competent learners.

Our child care programs strive to foster the development of the whole child - socially, physically, intellectually, creativelyand emotionally.

We encourage and support children’s natural curiosity and learning by having a curriculum and programs that reflect the interests of the children, provide them with a safe, healthy and nurturing environment and provide a variety of age-appropriate materials, opportunities and activities.

Staff work to adapt activities to meet each child’s developmental abilities and to provide children with inclusive, culturally sensitive and anti-biased programming.

All of our activities are designed to encourage and promote success and independence. Along with our exciting learning environment, we reflect and honour the rich cultural mosaic of our community. Elders, parents and guardians are valued and encouraged to participate in the programs, contribute ideas and plans for their children and for the Maxxine Wright Early Care and Learning Centre.


Hours of Operation

We are open Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 6:00pm. 
We are closed on the following stat holidays:

New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, BC Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Rememberance Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day


Eligibility to Attend

Children aged 0-5 are eligible to attend. We will also assist you with identifying a school to register your child the year s/he turns 5. 

We have 10 Infant spaces (under 18 months) 
12 Toddler spaces (18-36 months) 
25 3-5 year old spaces 

We offer full-time care although part-time care will also be available for two, three, or four days per week on a pro-rated basis with a small administrative fee included. We accept subsidy.



Infant/toddler program 3-5 years
5 days a week $1000.00   5 days a week $750.00
4 days a week $800.00   4 days a week $600.00
3 days a week $600.00   3 days a week $450.00
2 days a week $400.00   2 days a week $300.00


Our wait list application fee of $25.00 is non refundable


Call (604) 584-4896 for more information