The Family Project: PEACE Program for Children and Youth Experiencing Violence & ReDiscover Parenting

The goals of the PEACE (formerly CWWA) program are to: break the generational impact of violence; support children and youth exposed to abuse with developing a healthy sense of self and awareness of safety concerns; and help them understand their own emotions and to understand the dynamics of violence against women in relationships. The program also provide support and information to mothers. The program helps children and youth to:

  • Identify their feelings and express them in healthy ways
  • Recognize their strengths and increase their self-confidence
  • Understand what abuse is and that they are not responsible
  • Identify support networks and develop safety plans
  • Explore stereotypes and myths about relationships and about violence in the media
  • Develop conflict resolution skills 

The program offers:

  • Individual counselling for children and youth
  • Group counselling for children and youth
  • Presentations to the community on the effects of exposure to abuse

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Rediscover Parenting

Rediscover Parenting is a 15-week support group for women who have experienced violence/abuse. Participants are provided an opportunity to rediscover parenting for themselves. The curriculum is designed as an exploratory process that moves women from the outside in that is, from examining the influences of society, family of origin and experiences of abuse/trauma to examining one's self. The curriculum acknowledges the impact that violence against women has on the mother-child relationship and the challenges that women and children face in living free from violence/abuse.

Rediscover Parenting groups are experiential and encourage critical thinking. During the first two weeks of group, women examine how the genderization of women and men affects relationships within families. They also explore society's messages and stereotypes about women and parenting and how those messages impact the mother-child relationship. The first groups are meant to be validating for women. Group participants often gain a better understanding of how they may have internalized external factors and how these factors negatively impact their role as mothers.

During the third and fourth weeks of group, family of origin issues are discussed and participants explore their current knowledge of parenting and how it relates to what they learned from the families they were brought up in. In week six and seven groups focus on violence/abuse and the impact it has on all family members. During the last groups participants are encouraged to connect with, understand and express their feelings as a way of developing empathy for the needs of their children. Women explore different types of anger and healthy ways to express it. They look at loss and grief throughout life and the impact these experiences have on self and relationships. During these final groups women also explore problem solving and communication.

Rediscover Parenting is a closed, 15-week group. Women do not need to be parents or have current custody of their children to attend.

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