SisterSpace, Shared Using Room for Women

Overdose Prevention Site

SisterSpace is a safe, clean supported environment where women who use can inject their own drugs, inside, with other women who care about their safety and security. If they choose, they can connect to addiction, health care and community services, information about which and referrals to will be made on site.

Women’s Health & Safety Liaisons for SROs

Information pending.

C: 604 813 2645 | C: 604 240 5936 | T: 604 331 1407 ext 101

Homelessness Prevention & Housing Outreach, Vancouver


  • Work with women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to assist them to secure safe, affordable, appropriate, long-term housing
  • Provide ongoing support in an effort to support women to maintain their housing
  • Build and maintain relationships with landlords in an effort to support women to keep their housing
  • Work with landlords to support them to consider renting to other women



Community Garden & Kitchens

Community Garden

Our community garden is located in Strathcona at Rice Block Housing for Women and is a place where women can come together to share, learn and connect with each other and the community. It will provide Rice Block residents, as well as the local community, with the opportunity to grow food for themselves and for the on-site community meal program. It is also planned to include herbs, flowers, medicinal plants and native plant species in the garden.

Outreach for Women Who are Older

For women age 55 and over who are unable to or not ready to access a transition house who have or are still experiencing abuse by a family member, intimate partner or someone in a position of power such as a landlord or caregiver.

We provide emotional and practical support, advocacy and referrals to women 55 and over who have or are experiencing abuse.

16 Steps for Discovery and Empowerment

The 16 Steps to Discovery and Empowerment is an approach developed by Dr. Charlotte Kasl to overcome addictions in a holistic way. It provides individuals with an alternative way of looking at themselves and the society they live in.

This model takes into account different facets of a person identity, and strives to address their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It encourages individuals to examine beliefs and behaviors from a place of self-love and acceptance. For more information on the 16 steps, please visit

Surrey Group:

The Family Project: PEACE Program for Children and Youth Experiencing Violence & ReDiscover Parenting

The goals of the CWWA program are to: break the generational impact of violence; support children and youth exposed to abuse with developing a healthy sense of self and awareness of safety concerns; and help them understand their own emotions and to understand the dynamics of violence against women in relationships. The program also provide support and information to mothers. The program helps children and youth to:

Stopping the Violence Counselling

Counselling for Women in the Downtown Eastside

The Stopping the Violence Program offers individual support and group support, as well as information and resources for women (transwomen inclusive) who have been impacted by abuse and/or violence. Services are provided free of charge from a strengths-based, feminist, anti-oppressive, and harm reduction perspective. 

This program is funded by the Ministry of Justice.

Individual Support

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