Atira Property Management Inc: Request for Proposal - Social Return on Investment


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Who Are We?

Atira Property Management Inc. (APMI) is a social-purpose, for-profit, full service, propertymanagement company. As a socially responsible firm, APMI offers customers a unique opportunity to purchase quality property management services while giving back to their community.

APMI strives to be at the forefront of property management development and also at the forefront of social-purpose business, supporting the activities of its parent not-for-profit company, Atira Women’s Resource Society (AWRS). All of APMI’s net profits are donated to AWRS, an organization dedicated to the elimination of violence against women and children.

APMI currently manages more than 100 strata corporations ranging in size from 12 - 255 units and 11 co-op housing and not-for-profit housing complexes. In addition, APMI manages a portfolio of 16 single room accommodation (SRA) hotels located in Vancouver’s Downtown core and the Downtown Eastside, more than 1,000 units of housing. Our private-sector portfolio also includes residential apartments, commercial leases and a pool of single rental income properties.


What Are We Looking For?

We are committed to ensuring our community investments are achieving their goals. We also want to determine the expected short- and long-term economic returns of these investments. Therefore APMI is seeking the services of a vendor who can demonstrate the ability to determine the Social Return on Investment (SROI) on our services. The SROI analysis will measure and account for social and economic costs and benefits of our services, comparing resources invested to benefits generated, to show whether overall benefits outweigh the costs.


Goals of the SROI

The goal of the SROI project is to:

1) Determine the short- and long-term SROI on APMI’s services to clients.

2) Produce two reports a. Organizational – full report on SROI, whether positive or negative, in a way that gives APMI information needed for decision-making; and b. Public – report in plain and clear language in a way that helps APMI provide information to the board, clients and the public about our services.

3) Develop a process that would allow us to estimate future SROI.

4) Develop an alternative method of reporting when returns on social benefits cannot be monetized. RFP: Social Return on Investment Page 2 of 4 Deliverables In addition to the above-note goals, the proponent must provide the documentation and analysis information to APMI in addition to meeting the above goals.


RFP Process

The only person to contact with respect to this RFP is:

Contact: Janice Abbott

Email: (all contact shall be made by email only)

Proponents must not send any advertising to APMI or AWRS during the RFP period. Proponents may not contact any Atira staff or board member with respect to this RFP and if they do so, that may result in the disqualification of the proponent. Only respondents who show they are able to demonstrate their ability to conduct SROI analysis and present findings in clear language will be considered.


All responses must be received by email to Atira no later than March 6th, 2013 to